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Visa guide

Vietnam entry visa for tourists

Under Vietnamese Immigration Law, all foreign tourists other than citizens of 23 countries which have signed bilateral exemption agreement with Vietnam are required a Vietnam tourist visa.

Vietnam tourist visa for land entry

If you plan to cross border into Vietnam from neighbouring countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, or China, you can not apply for Vietnam visa on arrival as it is available for air travelers only. In order to obtain Vietnam tourist visa for land entry, you have to submit Vietnam visa application at the nearest Embassy of Vietnam.

Vietnam tourist visa for Filipino citizens

Due to bilateral agreements on visa exemption with Vietnam, almost Philippines citizens can have visa-free access to Vietnam for less than 21 days. More than that duration, Vietnam visa is required.

Vietnam tourist visa application procedure in Australia

Are you afraid of complex Vietnam tourist visa application in Australia? In fact, it is not complicated at all with Govietnamvisa.org. Within a few clicks, you will see application procedure for Vietnam tourist visa completed successfully.

Online Vietnam tourist visa

Firstly, the travelers have to access website of an authorized travel agency to fill out the Vietnam visa application form and pay the service charge online through secure payment gateway.

Vietnam tourist visa for Pakistani citizens

To enter Vietnam as a visitor, the Pakistani nationals must obtain a Vietnam tourist visa in advance. Cause visa on arrival program is not applicable for you, we advise you to go directly to Vietnam Embassy in Pakistan to submit Vietnam visa application.

Getting Vietnam tourist visa in India in an easy way

As regulated by Vietnam Immigration Department, Vietnam visa application for Indians and some foreign travelers requires a bit stricter requirements. However, getting Vietnam tourist visa in India is much easier with Vietnam visa on arrival.

Get Vietnam tourist visa

Vietnam tourist visa is required for foreign travelers who enter Vietnam for sightseeing or family and friend visit. Firstly, please check to see if you are included in Vietnam visa exemption list. If not, please make sure that you meet 2 following requirements before getting Vietnam tourist visa.

Maximize validity of Vietnam tourist visa

Generally, maximum tourist Vietnam visa is 3 months. However, for the ones who wish to have more than 30 day stay in Vietnam, Vietnam tourist visa with 3 month validity is absolutely possible.

Getting Vietnam tourist visa in Malaysia

As included in Vietnam visa exemption list, Malaysian citizens are granted 30 day stay in Vietnam without visa Vietnam. What about other foreign nationals currently living in Malaysia? Please proceed to know how to get Vietnam tourist visa in Malaysia.

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