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Visa guide

Instructions on getting Vietnam tourist visa at the embassy

However, it is still necessary to those who travel to Vietnam by land or sea. If you are planning to obtain Vietnam visa at the embassy, it’s worth reading carefully information below.

Vietnam tourist visa for Iranian citizens

Unfortunately, visa on arrival does not apply to Iranian citizens so the only way for you to get Vietnam tourist visa is to submit visa application at Vietnam Embassy.

Vietnam tourist visa for Chinese

To apply for a single or multiple visa for tourism purpose, the Chinese citizens can submit Vietnam visa application in person at Vietnam Embassy or submit online through travel websites as per instructions below:

How to apply for Vietnam tourist visa for French citizens

If you are French citizen, you will need to apply for visa to come to Vietnam. Let’s see what you have to do to get a Vietnam tourist visa.

Vietnam tourist visa for Japanese citizens

According to Vietnam visa exemption program, the Japanese visitors don’t need a Vietnam visa for short stay not exceeding 15 days. However, a longer stay will be required a visa.

Maximum validity of Vietnam tourist visa

In fact, you can apply for tourist or business visa no matter what your purpose of travel is. There are many businessmen enter Vietnam with tourist visa and many tourists are issued business visa for their entry.

Vietnam tourist visa from Vancouver Canada

Although there is no Vietnam diplomatic representative in Vancouver, you can apply at Vietnam embassy by visiting Vietnam embassy in Ottawa or sending the documents by post. Here is the contact information for you.

How to get Vietnam tourist visa in Cambodia

Because Cambodian are granted a visa-free access to Vietnam for less than 30 days, this section works best with other foreign nationals in Cambodia whose nationality is not included in Vietnam visa exemption list.

Getting Vietnam tourist visa New Zealand in a simple way

In order to visit relatives in Vietnam or go on holiday, New Zealanders need Vietnam tourist visa to get a legal entry to Vietnam. For the ones who are confused about Vietnam tourist visa New Zealand, let the article make it clear for you.

Tourist visa to visit Vietnam

Before applying for Vietnam tourist visa, please click here to see whether or not you need a Vietnam visa for your trip. If so, proceed to the next part of the article.

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