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Vietnam visa fee

 There are 2 kinds of Vietnam visa fees you must be aware of:  service fee and stamping fee

1. Service fee
Service fee: is the fee you must pay to travel agency/ company for assisting you in getting Vietnam visa approval letter throughout the process from receiving your submission, verifying your private information to picking up pre-approval letter from the Vietnam Immigration Department and delivering it to you via email.
The amount of service fee is varied on each type of visa. Normally, the longer time one visa is valid, the more expensive it costs. More service charge is added to urgent service to make sure you can get visa approval letter in time (4-8 working hours processing: plus 20 USD; 24 working hours processing: plus 10 USD). 
2. Stamping fee
Stamping fee is the fee charged by Vietnamese Government’s Treasury. You must pay the stamping fee in cash by USD or VND at the Vietnam visa on arrival counter at the arrival airport in Vietnam to get visa stamped on your passport. The amount of stamping fee may change every year based on amendment of the circular of the Vietnam Government so you must check it annually.