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Do India Need Visa To Enter Vietnam 2024?

 Is a visa required for India to enter Vietnam in 2024?

For Indian passport holders who want to travel to Vietnam, organizing their visas is a must. Before visiting Vietnam, holders of Indian passports must first take care of their visa.

India will require a visa in order to enter Vietnam until 2024.

Vietnam Exemption For Holders of Indian Passports 2024

Actually, a visa is not needed if an Indian passport holder visits Phu Quoc Island alone via direct aircraft and stays there for less than 30 days. Only Indian visitors to Phu Quoc Island are exempt from Vietnam's visa requirements. People from India must apply for a visa in advance if they plan to visit Phu Quoc Island and other Vietnamese cities.

In 2024, a visa is still required for India to visit Vietnam, but obtaining one is now simple. India can apply for an e-visa online and obtain a visa to go to Vietnam through this method.

How can citizens of India obtain a visa to Vietnam the most effectively?

Follow these procedures to apply for a Vietnam visa if you are an Indian passport holder:

Click this link to apply for a Vietnam visa: evietnamvisa.org 

Fill out the application for a visa online.

After a few processing days, the visa will be provided to your email. Just bring it with you when you enter Vietnam on paper.

Note that as of 2024, it is extremely difficult to obtain a Vietnam visa for an Indian passport at a Vietnamese embassy. Holders of Indian passports must submit numerous complex documents, and the procedure now takes longer than it did in the past. For this reason, applying for a Vietnam visa online before departing is advised. Applying online early will give you more time to work out any problems.

Considerations for holders of Indian passports seeking for a visa to Vietnam

Holders of Indian passports should take into account the following guidelines and conditions while applying for a Vietnam visa:

Indian nationals with passports should confirm that they have at least six months remaining on them after the date of arrival before applying for a Vietnam visa.

Holders of Indian passports must to have unused pages ready for a fresh stamp.

Only Indian passport holders traveling to Vietnam by air are eligible for the visa-on-arrival (VOA) option, and a letter of permission for their visa is needed prior to their departure.

India has to record your birthdate exactly as it is in your passport.

On a passport, India must use their complete name. It is not important which way your names are spelled.

Indian passport numbers must be listed precisely as they appear on the passport.

After the arrival date indicated on the visa, India is permitted entry into Vietnam. India cannot, however, enter prior to the arrival date indicated on the visa.

When applying for a visa in India, passport photographs are required. There is no need to prepare a photo if India enters Vietnam using an e-visa.

In summary, individuals from India must apply for a visa in order to enter Vietnam. Still, applying for a Vietnam visa online is a simple process at http://evietnamvisa.org/vietnam-visa/step-1. Please send us an email at visavietnam3@gmail.com if you need any additional help; we will guide you through the entire visa process.