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Vietnam airport fast-track service

You have two options for this service


– Normal fast-track: Our designated guide will meet you at the aircraft gate with sign board. He/she will accompany you and handle visa arrangement. Vietnam visa stamp is ready within 10 minutes after our guide receives all necessary documents from you. After that, you just need to wait for your belonging at the luggage lounge.


– VIP fast-track: Our designated guide will meet you at the aircraft gate with sign board. After helping you get Vietnam visa stamp at Landing visa counter, he/she will escort you to the luggage lounge to collect your baggage, helping you to pass the customs check-in and take you to car parking outside the arrival terminal.


How much does it cost?


Depending on your preference, you either can choose normal fast-track or VIP fast-track service.


Normal fast-track charges 20 USD/pax while the VIP one costs 35 USD/pax (not including stamping fee). Also we provide free service to children who share the same passport/travel document with the parent.


How can I book this service?


You can book Vietnam airport fast-track service by ticking this option when you submit an online visa application form or sending your request via email at info@govietnamvisa.org


A more direct way to book fast track service is to click on this button 



The necessary information should be provided include your full name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, arrival date and flight itinerary: flight number, arrival time, departure point.


Note: If your flight changes, do not hesitate to notify us 24 hours before your landing so our guide will pick you up on time.


– If for any reason that our employee does not escort you at the airport as promised, we would like to give you the full refund of service charge you paid for.