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Our service types

We offer two types of online visa processing service:


Normal service (2 business days) and Urgent service (1 business day)


- Normal service: the processing time is 2 or 3 working days from your payment confirmation (except Saturday and Sunday)


- Urgent service: the processing time is 1 working day from your payment confirmation (except Saturday and Sunday) (the fee is the normal service fee added by $10US)


- For emergency case, we may offer Rush Service, which takes half a day to complete and costs $25US more (added to the normal service fee). Yet, this is not very encouraged as it is too tough and not much certain, thus only done upon special request.)


Visa application steps/guidelines


- Apply online for visa on arrival (visa picked up at arrival airport in Vietnam)


- Receive your visa approval letter via email after 2 or 3 working days (normal service) or 1 working day (urgent service) from your payment confirmation


- Print the approval letter out and bring it together with your passport + 2 photos (passport size) to the arrival airport in Vietnam to get your visa stamped onto your passport (after paying the stamping fee).    


And now, you are ready to enter Vietnam!


Vietnam visa types


There are several types of visa: single, multiple visa; tourist, business visa; etc…


1. In terms of number of entries, there are two types of visa: 

- Single entry visa: the holder can only enter Vietnam once with this visa during the visa validity time (stated on it) 

- Multiple entry visa: the holder can enter Vietnam several times with this visa during the visa validity time (stated on it) 


2. In terms of visiting purpose, there are four types of visa: 

- Tourist visa: This type of visa allows the holders to enter and stay in Vietnam within a short staying time for the purpose of vacation. In theory, this visa is available for one-month single-entry visa. In fact, tourist visa may be extended once for 30 days after your arrival in Vietnam by contacting the Vietnam Immigration with a local travel agency’s guaranteeing. 


- Business visa: Normally, business visas are valid for three or six months, allowing the right to work in Vietnam. One-year business visas are also possible with special permission. 


- Student visa: A student visa is usually arranged after your arrival. It's acceptable to enter Vietnam on a tourist visa, enroll in a Vietnamese language course and then apply at the Immigration Department for a change in your visa status. 


- Diplomatic visa: There’s no fee unless otherwise agreed upon between Vietnam and applicant’s country. On applying for this visa, the applicant must submit an official letter from the concerned agencies of local government, foreign embassies or consulates accredited to the applicant’s country, international organizations, or other accredited organizations based in that country 

3. Others 

You can extend or renew your visa once you are in Vietnam. For more details, please click here.


Who are offered Vietnam Visa Exemption?


Citizens of certain countries can enter Vietnam without a visa; for instance, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, … The following persons can enter Vietnam without a visa within a specified time:Read more...


1. Citizens of Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Brunei and Laos for visits of 30 days at the maximum. 


2. Citizens of Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia and Finland for visits of 15 days at the maximum. 


3. Citizens of France holding valid diplomatic or official passports for visits of 90 days at the maximum or several visits of 6 months at the maximum. 


4. Citizens of Chile holding valid diplomatic or official passports for visits of 60 days at the maximum. 


5. APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) Holders from Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) member economies for visits of 60 days at the maximum. 


6. For those who travel to Phu Quoc Island - Vietnam: Foreigners and Vietnamese nationals bearing foreign passports who enter Vietnam through an international border gate and then travel to Phu Quoc  Island and stay in Phu Quoc less than 15 days will also be granted Vietnam visa exemption. Passports must be valid for at least 45 days.