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How to lengthen Vietnam tourist visa duration

Normally, Vietnam tourist visa is required for almost foreign nationals coming to Vietnam on tourist purpose for 15 to 30 days. What to do if you want to stay longer in Vietnam? This article will instruct you the way to lengthen Vietnam tourist visa duration.

Duration of Vietnam touist visa is shorter than that of Vietnam business visa. So if you want to stay longer in Vienam, please apply for Vietnam business visa with the same procedure. There is no problem when you use a buiness visa for tourist purpose. Here is the detail.

-    Enter the correct information into Vietnam visa application form online or downloa the form to your computer to fll it out and send it to info@govietnamvisa.org with business option in the purpose space. 

-    Pay the service fee with credit or debit card via PayPal

-    Receive the visa approval letter after 2 working days. (If you want to speed up the processing time, please request our urgent Vietnam visa on arrival service.)

-    Present the required documents to Immigration Officers at the arrival airports to get Vietnam visa upon arrival with 3 month validity stamped onto your passport. (an at least 6 month validity passport with some blank pages, passport- sized photo, visa approval letter, attached entry and exit form, stamping fee in cash in USD/ VND)


-    You need to travel to Vietnam by AIR to be allowed to use Vietnam visa on arrival.

-    There is no problem for using Vietnam business visa for tourist purpose.

Hope that this information is useful for you. For any information about Vietnam tourist visa, please follow this page: https://govietnamvisa.org/apply-vietnam-visa or at any time to be supported instantly.