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3 month tourist visa to Vietnam

If you are planning for a trip to Vietnam on tourism purpose, you need a Vietnam tourist visa. A tourist visa for Vietnam is normally valid from 15 to 30 days. So what to do if your trip lasts for 3 month? Is Vietnam 3 month tourist visa available? Find your solution in the article below.

The applicants jut need:

-    Apply online by filling out Vietnam visa application form online. Choose the business for the purpose space.

-    Pay for service fee with credit or debit card through online payment gateway

-    Receive visa approval letter via after 1 or 2 working days or even sooner with fast track service.

-    Gather the required documents to Vietnam visa on arrival with 3 month validity. (Visa approval letter, an origin passport, passport- sized photo, attached entry and exit form, stamping fee in cash.)


-    The procedure is only applied for the ones who enter Vietnam by AIR.

-    The applicants should make sure have at least 6 month validity passport with some blank pages left to have hassle- free work with airline.

Now, Vietnam 3 month tourist visa is in your hand.