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Visa guide

Vietnam Urgent Visa for Tours and Travel

If your particular city does not have a Vietnamese embassy, and you wish to avoid procedural delays/intricateness which sometimes happen with visa approvals at embassies outside Vietnam and also for your good saving in time and cost, Visa Office - Gia Linh Travel Company can make this requirement an easy exercise

How to get Vietnam visa at embassy?

The visa Vietnam application form may vary from Embassy to Embassy, so you should take the form from the specific Embassy (our form is sample) where you will obtain your visa.

Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Saving time, easy and quickly procedure to get visa on arrival. What is visa on arrival? How does it work? How to apply? We will explain detail about the best way to get visa to Vietnam on arrival.

Visa exemption for Vietnamese residents oversea

Only citizens of certain countries can visit Vietnam without Vietnam entry visa. Those countries include: most citizens of ASEAN countries are no need Vietnam visa for visit Vietnam within 30 days

What is a "Visa on Arrival"

This is most likely the easiest and cheapest way to obtain your visa without having to chase down embassies, consulates and the like prior to your trip, and is a valid alternative when applying for a tourist visa.

Vietnam visa exemption list

Foreign visitors and Vietnamese nationals holding foreign passports who enter an international border gate of Vietnam and then travel to Phu Quoc island are exempted for 15 days visa.

How to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival?

A confirmation email should be sent to your email address within seconds after submission. If you do not receive our email, please contact us at info@govietnamvisa.org.

How to apply for Vietnam visa code

You are required to enter the exact personal details as indicated on your passport: full name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, arrival date, type of visa and the Vietnam Embassy’s address where you wish to receive visa stamp later

How to get a tourist visa to Vietnam?

Do you expect to get a tourist visa to Vietnam without skipping all complex procedures at Vietnam Embassy? No worries. Getting Vietnam visa at the Embassy is no longer the only choice. Let’s ease your holiday by applying Vietnam visa online with cheap cost and fast service.

How to get Vietnam Visa from Norway

Norwegian passport holders do not need Vietnam visa if they only stay in the country within 15 days. For those who wish to stay longer than 15 days, Vietnam visa is needed. In such that case, there are 3 ways to get Vietnam Visa from Norway for Norwegian citizens: visit Vietnam Embassy directly, apply for Vietnam visa on arrival or apply for Vietnam visa code.